As you already guessed, the bonus is related to the same region. Many men have asked me one important question during this course: Where will my pleasure be if I stop coming? And it's a very valid topic. I've been in that situation too, where the woman wets the walls, but all I get is sore balls.
Therefore, I have decided that the best lover level 4 will be dedicated entirely to male orgasms and pleasures. We teach women how to take their men to the same heaven where they go during lovemaking. At the moment I have found and experienced 7 different orgasms for men, but I still have time to add to this list. But you don't have to suffer so long waiting for this course.
Instead, I'm going to share an orgasm with you that you can already enjoy today and even more than her. It can become your favorite toy where you no longer have to focus on holding back or staying erect. Instead, you can completely let go of control and enjoy the journey to the fullest.
Did you know you also have a clitoris - but not the one on top of your penis. You have the same sensitive hole in your body as a woman's clitoris. Your rosetta is a super-enjoyable body part. For me, after arousing this part of my body, going to the toilet has become an orgasmic pleasure. Have you figured out what it's all about already?

We are talking about the anus. This is an extremely sensitive area that hides different orgasms for both men and women. If your partner is ready to give you pleasure by stimulating the anus, then you can completely go into the role of receiver and relax. We will cover many different techniques in levels 3 and 4, but the most important thing is to start with stroking. By bringing our attention to this area, we can release the shame associated with our but-hole. To do this, take the time to let this area into your game so that it becomes a natural part of your love life. By quietly exploring this area like this, you can learn for yourself the pleasures and orgasms that come from the anus. I have discovered three different types of orgasms that can be experienced through the anus. But I believe you will find something completely unique there. But don't rush, take your time and let your body get used to this touch. In this way, you can experience much greater trust and closeness with your loved one as well. The rule of thumb here is to enter the anus with a finger as slowly as possible. 5-15 minutes to enter, 5-15 minutes inside, and 5 minutes to exit. I will talk more about these processes and techniques in the next course. But until then take your time, explore, and enjoy with no shame or fear.

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