Pure Pleasure Mastery Online Course For Men


Online Course for Men
by Igor Earthchild
Online Course for Men
produced by Igor Earthchild
What will you learn?
Learn the secrets of how to
satisfy a woman
  • taste ОRGАSM
    Find out how to make her come through her mouth with the variety of taste and sensations. Learn how to make her mouth more sensitive to feel excitment through taste.
  • laugh ОRGАSM
    The best way to keep your lover happy is by making fun. Laugh can be оrgаsmic when it comes from a deep core. It releases tension in the body and creates excitment.
  • energy ОRGАSM
    If a man is emotionally intelligent, it's a rare finding for women, because most men don't have a clue what emotional intelligence is.
  • heart ОRGАSM
    Attention - this is the biggest gift that you can give to a woman. You don't have to always fix her but if you can be for her and listen to her story, that's already a big gift.
  • throat ОRGАSM
    If you are working on yourself and your awareness, you might have more chances to be noticed by women. The more you know about yourself the more you can understand women.
  • kundalini ОRGАSM
    in case you don't have any of the qualities mentioned above, you still have a good chance to win her attention if you have a good sense of humor.
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Learn about the author of the course
Igor Earthchild teaches healthy relationships and tantra in Estonia, Finland, Russia, the USA, and Thailand.

Igor is a professional tantra massage therapist and relationships coach, who is teaching and practicing massage in different countries around the world. His biggest passion is to open up women’s hearts so that they can reach their full potential in life. This is exactly what he is helping men with by creating this course that already has helped men in various countries in upgrading their love life for good.
Learn how to give extraordinary Pleasure
This course will help you to
  • feel more confident
    By learning the skills how to satisfy women, you will automatically become much more confident with them because you already know what they want. Even if they don't know it jet. Your confidence is the key attraction for women when it comes to dating.
  • attract women you want
    Instead of accepting someone only because you think that you don't deserve better, you should work on your self and then choose the best one. Because once you become a master in giving pleasure to women, they will start chasing you and then you can decide and choose your favourite.
  • understand women desires
    For centuries women have been a mistery for men. We don't understand them and very often we are even afraid of women. That's why it's so necessary to learn how to read their desires. Instead of running away you will be holding space for women when they need it the most. And that is something valuable.
  • become an irresistible man

    When you finish this course you will not only be skillful and fun to hang out with, you will become addictive for women like a drug. They just want to be around you. They will do anything to stay in your company. That's how powerful this teaching is. I can tell you that.
  • videos (ADVANCED LEVEL)
    5 advanced tantra massage videos
    (total value: 250 €)
  • lectures
    15 video lectures about women,
    dating and pleasure (total value: 500 €)
    6 different оrgаsms for women and how
    to achieve them (total value: 600 €)
  • dating BOOSTERS
    15 unique dating tips that will change the way you interact with women (total value: 150 €)
  • bonuses
    5 useful bonus exercises and tips
    (total value: 250 €)
    This course is worth (total value: 1700 €)
Basic knowledge you need to know when it comes to dating and women. Introduction to the whole course and some practical preparation tasks for you to be fully engaged during the course.
In the first module, we will talk about satisfaction. You will learn how to read your partner's moods. It’s important to keep your partner happy if you want to achieve high оrgаsmic experiences. First, you need to take care of her needs. If you notice her mood changes instantly, it will make you an emotional intelligence master. I will open the secrets of taste оrgаsm. Find out how to make your lover come without leaving the kitchen.
How to use her smile as an indicator of your success. How to keep her entertained in your company without losing your cool. What is the best tool to attract women? Read her emotions and follow the guidelines to make her happy when she is with you. I will also open the оrgаsmic way of laughing. You can make your partner come using nothing but laughter.
4 ~ Unforgettable Hug
In this chapter, we will discuss energies and how they affect us. I will teach you the unforgettable hug. With this hug you make yourself stand out from the crowd. After hugging you she will never forget you. I will also teach you the art of energy оrgаsm. It’s a powerful tool that will make your and your partner's body vibrant and sensitive.
5 ~ The First Kiss
The first kiss is an important topic because women choose their partner by the kiss. In this chapter, I will show you a simple way how to kiss a girl so that she would be convinced, that you are the one for her. This technique will give you confidence for the rest of your life. I will also show you how you can reach a heart оrgаsm with your lover. I will share my personal experience so it would be easier for you to get there fast.
6 ~ The Neck
In this chapter, we go more intimate. There are endless ways to tease your partner and make her want you even more. If you pay enough attention to her neck you can really drive her mad in public. It is a very powerful area that also shows your dominance if you know how to play with her boundaries. I will teach you how to make her come just by stimulating her throat.
7 ~ The Back
Why is it important to pay attention to the back and how does it affect your love-making? What you can learn about a person when massaging her back? What kind of оrgаsm is hidden at the bottom of the spine? All these questions will be answered in this module of the training. We will do some meditations to activate the kundalini energy. You will learn some new ways of massage, that will surprise your partner.
8 ~ The Quiz
In this last chapter we will focus on what you have already learned and how well did it sink in for you. There will be some questions for you to summarize the contents of this course. The right answers will open an extra massage for you. You will also get the glimps of what is coming in the next course - Level 3




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The next level course.
This time we went much further to give you an unforgettable experience with Pure Pleasure Mastery. This course is built for men who want to improve their relationships with women. Men, who want to learn about their partners, want to find out new ways on how to give pleasure. This course will teach you also new ways how to talk to women form much more confident position. It will help you to break the boundaries of fear or hesitation when communicating to women you like.

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